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Medserena’s Prof Smith in “Whiplash Masterclass” at N Spine 2017

Mon 17 Apr 2017

Medserena’s Professor Smith is on the faculty of the upcoming N Spine meeting and will participate in the “Whiplash Masterclass” on Wednesday 14th June,  speaking on “Acute imaging in whiplash associated disorders.”

Medserena has developed considerable expertise in the imaging of Whiplash. The specialised imaging protocol which encompasses the cranio-cervical junction, as well as the unique ability of the Open Upright MRI system to perform  imaging of the neck in a natural weight-bearing position, in flexion and extension, provides much broader clinical information than supine conventional MRI alone.



N Spine 2017, which will take place in London on June 12-15 at the Royal College of Surgeons. This international meeting was developed in collaboration with the European Spine Journal, BioSpine, NASS and EANS.