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The truly open Upright™ MRI       020 7370 6003 0161 434 8039

Claustrophobia and MRI

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What happens when a you fail to have a successful MRI scan due to your claustrophobia?

You are most likely to be sent back to your referring clinician saying that MRI is not possible due to your claustrophobia, all the while allowing you to worry about your possible diagnosis, with your anxiety escalating.

There is  an option to conventional closed MRI scanners. The scanners at the Medserena Upright MRI Centres are truly open.

Because there is nothing in front of the your face during the scan, there is no feeling of claustrophobia.

In fact, the scanner is so open that you can sit and watch TV during the scan. As this scanner is so well tolerated by those with claustrophobia it provides the only viable solution for those who may otherwise go un-scanned.

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