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Upright MRI of the Knee

To view an overview of the use of Upright Weight-bearing MRI in the examination of knee pathologies, please click here: WeightBearingMRIKnees apr17 You may view this online, or save this file to your PC if wished.

Most X-ray examinations of the spine, hips, knees, ankles and feet are made with the patient weight-bearing. We are now able to offer the same positional imaging using MRI, which not only shows bone detail, but more importantly soft tissue detail not available on a conventional x-ray. Examination of the knee in the weight-bearing position also allows for views in flexion and extension. Furthermore multiple views can be made in varying positions between flexion and extension to study patellar tracking.

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Clinical Applications

The Upright Positional MRI System offers the unique possibility of scanning patients in an upright or weight-bearing position.