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NHS patients

Funding for NHS patients being referred for an Open MRI 

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The Medserena Upright MRI Centre is a private facility that accepts NHS patients who have prior approved funding for their scan. You will need to contact your Consultant, GP or other healthcare professional to be referred to us. They will then complete an Individual Funding Request (IFR) which if approved, guarantees payment from the local Hospital Trust or Care Commissioning Group (CCG). Once approval has been granted then your Consultant or GP can complete one of our Referral Forms and forward this to us.

What are Individual Funding Requests (IFRs)?

IFRs are treatments, procedures or examinations which are not usually available from your local NHS, but which your clinician (usually a GP or consultant) considers you may benefit from. They can then request this treatment for you, through an IFR.

When can an IFR be made?

IFR’s are made when your GP or consultant wants you to have a treatment or drug that is not normally available. In order for funding to be considered, there must be an unusual or unique clinical factor about your case which means that you will have a specific benefit from that treatment or specialised examination. An example of this may include your inability to undertake a conventional supine scan due to claustrophobia, or if a sitting/standing weight-bearing scan is deemed to be of clinical benefit.

How funding is applied for?

Firstly, your GP or consultant will speak to you if they consider a treatment or specialised examination outside of the normal scope of NHS funding to be suitable. They will then complete an IFR form and send it to the NHS CCG IFR Team. This application will be reviewed by the IFR Team to see if the treatment or examination you are applying for will be effective and that you qualify. This review is done by a panel made up of specialists, clinicians and experts in their field. In order to provide the required level of information, some conditions may require additional information submitted by your doctor along with your funding request. Your GP will then be informed by the IFR Team if funding for your treatment is agreed.