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The truly open Upright™ MRI       020 7370 6003 0161 434 8039

For Professionals


Our flagship Centre has been established in London capitalising on the experience of operating Centres across Germany. We have a team of specialised Consultant Radiologists working with our Clinical Director, Professor Francis Smith who has unsurpassed experience in Upright MRI.

Referrals are accepted  from healthcare professionals including Consultants, GPs, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. We welcome both private and NHS patients. (NHS patients: with prior agreement and arrangement by the relevant Trust.) All patients require a referral from a healthcare professional.

There is considerable evidence that Upright positional MRI provides medical benefits not duplicated by any other MRI technology

Patient positioning plays a critical role in detecting clinically significant pathology.

  • Compare MRI scans in flexion, extension, sitting, standing, lateral bending and supine positions.
  • Supine-only imaging can underestimate the maximum degree of pathology.
  • There are peer-reviewed publications that demonstrate the impact on treatment.
  • Upright positional MRI offers exceptional patient comfort, but this technology is not just for claustrophobic patients
Patient Referrals

Clinical Applications

The Upright Positional MRI System offers the unique possibility of scanning patients in an upright or weight-bearing position.