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Solution for obese patients

Patient undergoing scan

Patient undergoing scan



We are all aware that obesity rates continue to increase in the UK. Management of such patients presents a challenge in that they often face limitations in accessing diagnostic equipment like MRI because of their size.

The FONAR Upright MRI system at the Medserena Upright MRI Centre is able to accommodate obese patients more easily than conventional closed scanners, without a loss in diagnostic image quality. Patients weighing up to 35stone (226 kg) may be scanned.

Patient access is more straightforward as the scanner starts in the upright position, with a completely open front. This makes it much easier to introduce, position and manoeuvre the larger patient. The examination can be performed in the standing, sitting or lying position depending on requirements, as the bed can be tilted after the patient enters the gantry.

The added advantage is that it is much less stressful for the patient, particularly if they are claustrophobic, as there is nothing in front of their face.

The Medserena Upright MRI Centre offers a range of MRI procedures and is recognised by all major health insurers. NHS patients are also welcome where prior funding approval is in place.

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The Upright Positional MRI System offers the unique possibility of scanning patients in an upright or weight-bearing position.