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The truly open Upright™ MRI       020 7370 6003 0161 434 8039

Patient Feedback

The quality of experience at the Medserena Upright MRI Centre is extremely important to us and we review all patient feedback. We ask each patient to complete a Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire before departure so that we may track our performance and how well we achieved delivery of the first class service our patients expect. In addition we solicit patient suggestions as to how we may improve our service.

Our analysis of  patient surveys taken between January and June 2017  shows that 100% of patients rate all elements of our service as good, very good or excellent, with at least 97% of responses in the “excellent” category.

We have also heard from our patients that 100% would recommend the Medserena Upright MRI Centre.

Patient Eve Livesey shares her experience:

“I attended Medserena for various specialised upright neck MRIs, related to my Ehlers-Danlos condition. I live in Madrid and was referred to the clinic by my specialist in Barcelona. From first contact via their website the service was extremely helpful and friendly. When I arrived at the clinic the reception staff were very attentive, offering water and coffee, and generally showing me every consideration after my journey from Madrid.I then had the pleasure of being attended to by the Radiology Manager Juliana Hyka. Everything was explained to me clearly at all stages of the tests. Juliana was empathetic and extremely knowledgeable about my condition, and showed great understanding of my need to stretch and move in between the scans. She completely put me at ease in what was a stressful situation for me and I cannot praise her enough. The report from Professor Smith arrived promptly on the date it was promised and was very thorough and well-written.

I would highly recommend Medserena to anyone seeking a diagnosis of any condition that warrants an upright MRI. The whole process from start to finish was straightforward and thoroughly professional.”

Eve Livesey (Nov 2017)




Patient Referrals

Clinical Applications

The Upright Positional MRI System offers the unique possibility of scanning patients in an upright or weight-bearing position.