Clinical Cases

Patient with severe claustrophobia and pain in the left shoulder with restricted mobility.

The case presented is that of a 51 year-old patient with acute left shoulder pain of 2 weeks’ duration with restricted mobility.

The referral for a MRI scan was made on the basis of suspected rotator cuff tear. No previous surgery on the left shoulder joint.

The patient suffers from severe claustrophobia. The patient would not tolerate a conventional MRI scan in a tunnel system.

Overall, the scan revealed a shoulder joint consistent with the patient’s age, with the onset of omarthrosis and osteophyte formation (1) accompanied by narrowing of the joint space and minor joint effusion.

No evidence of activated osteoarthritis in the AC (acromioclavicular) joint.

The subacromial space (2) is moderately narrowed with a width of 6 mm. Alteration in signal intensity in the supraspinatous tendon at the muscle-tendon junction (3), but no disruption in continuity.

Evidence of fluid cuff around the long biceps tendon (4), probably indicative of mild tendinitis.

The Upright MRI shoulder scan, which was fully tolerated by the patient, ruled out rotator cuff tear, which was originally suspected.

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